Why we love these 5 Christmas presents from Fisher-Price
The thing we love most about Christmas here at OHbaby! - besides the reason for the season, spending... Continue Reading
The perfect pairing - phil&teds sport buggy
There are some things in life that are just better together, like wine and cheese, sun and sand,... Continue Reading

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The little vacuum that could!
I have three children and a dog, our carpet and floors are pretty much in a constant state of... Continue Reading
Baby on Board for Postie+
What Kiwi mum doesn’t enjoy good quality, on-trend clothes at a great price? NZ clothing store... Continue Reading
Introducing iRobot Braava 380 the Mopping Robot
With the combination of white tile floors, a well-used family kitchen, and a desire for cleanliness,... Continue Reading
Which Pump when?
Breast pumps - There are very different reasons that a mother may choose or need to use a breast... Continue Reading
A nutritional boost for your toddler
If you’re about to say ‘goodbye’ to the blessed year of the baby, and ‘hello’ to the tremendous... Continue Reading
Safe as houses
WORKING SMOKE ALARMS SAVE SLEEPERS. HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. Did you know that you can’t smell... Continue Reading
Five great reasons for busy mums to choose power plate
1/ Lose your Mummy Tummy. This programme designed by leading post-natal exercise therapist, will... Continue Reading
Want To Start Expressing Breast Milk? We’ve Got All The Tips You Need
For those mums who want to have some expressed breast milk on hand so they can share some of the... Continue Reading
Not just any old baby towel!
These are the best! Luxuriously thick and soft! Only the best for your precious wee bundle.... Continue Reading
Go Gentle: Caring for a Newborn's skin
A newborn’s skin is much thinner and more sensitive than an adult’s. It is also much more vulnerable... Continue Reading
The New Glow Dreaming is finally HERE! Your child's sleep will never be the same again
The new Glow Dreaming has been in the making for 8 months. We've worked very closely with two of the... Continue Reading
Alcohol-Free and Non-Alcoholic Wines – A Pregnancy Substitute?
These days, we know just how much of a negative effect consuming alcohol during pregnancy can have.... Continue Reading
Excellent exercise for time-poor mums
There are hundreds of positive, and not so positive sayings about fitness – ‘you’re only one work... Continue Reading
Swaddling with super fine merino
6 reasons to make the switch I can say with some certainty, that all parents of newborns are... Continue Reading
The joys of baby massage and skin hydration
There are quite a few things I didn’t know when my babies were little, that I have since learned.... Continue Reading
The risks of antidepressant use during pregnancy
According to Health Canada, about 11% of men and 16% of women in Canada will experience major... Continue Reading
Fisher-Price and Mocka NZ donate goods to Edgecumbe disaster relief
On April 6, after days of heavy rain, floodwaters breached the Rangtitaki River stopbank and flooded... Continue Reading
VTech Safe & Sound Monitor
Checking on a baby draws on all your ninja stealth skills. You need to open the door without the... Continue Reading
Ergobaby 3-position Adapt Carrier
Newborns need lots of cuddles, but holding your baby while doing the 100 daily tasks that come with... Continue Reading
Ergobaby Swaddler
Did you know that by two years of age, your child will have spent more time asleep than awake?... Continue Reading
Home birth with midwife found to be safe in new study
There has been debate for quite some time about the safety of home births. While some countries... Continue Reading
Bella Vi makeup
Over the years I’ve tried many different makeup products with varying results. I’m sure that some of... Continue Reading
Made4Baby celebrates 10 years!
It’s 10 years since Made4Baby launched at the 2007 Baby Show, and a lot has changed, says Rebecca... Continue Reading
Fisher-Price birthday gift guide!
If life with your toddler is anything like mine, you will currently be receiving an endless amount... Continue Reading
Made4Baby Sunscreen
Casey Fletcher shares 7 reasons why Made 4 Baby’s new natural sunscreen totally delivers the... Continue Reading
Urgent recall on kids' shoe
A retailer has urgently recalled a pair of children’s shoes over fears the lining of the shoes... Continue Reading
Benefits of Babywearing and How to Choose a Baby Carrier
Babies are fragile little things and they need to be properly shielded from any potential injury,... Continue Reading
Tips for Postpartum Clothes That Won't Make You Look Pregnant
Giving birth was an awesome experience, and after carrying that watermelon around in my tummy for... Continue Reading
Tips for a Spectacular Family Holiday
Taking a family holiday is a great way to bond, learn about the world, and create amazing memories.... Continue Reading
Tips for moms with children to make their life simpler
Feeling happy
happy to have a baby Continue Reading
Don't let your relationship with your husband affects your child
Children are like a sponge taking in everything that is happening around them. It says a lot about... Continue Reading
Why your relationship with your husband has a big impact on your children? (1)
Children are like a sponge taking in everything that is happening around them. It says a lot about... Continue Reading
How relationship with your husband can effect your children (1)
Children are like a sponge taking in everything that is happening around them. It says a lot about... Continue Reading
Why your relationship with your husband has a big impact on your children?
CHILDREN Continue Reading
How relationship with your husband can effect your child
10 Crucial Steps to Safe Formula Feeding for Your Baby
Although breastfeeding is the best, safest and healthiest way to nourish a newborn, there are many... Continue Reading
3 post-birth pelvic issues
Pregnancy and birth are joyous times in a woman’s life, as we anticipate the arrival of our babies.... Continue Reading
Makeover your playroom with Fisher-Price®
Babies bring an endless amount of love and joy into a home, but I was reminded recently that they... Continue Reading
Stay-At-Home-Mum? Here Is How You Can Earn Some Extra Money
You CAN make money from home. Believe it or not, this is true. So, how can you stay at home with the... Continue Reading
Baby’s First Holiday Trip – How to Prepare
Travelling can be a lot of stress but also fun. Travelling with a new baby is a whole other story.... Continue Reading
Elvie pelvic floor workout app
The terms 'pelvic floor' and 'Kegel exercises' becomes all too familiar when you become pregnant for... Continue Reading
8 Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Toddler for a New Sibling
Bringing a new baby home can be an exciting and beautiful experience for everyone, but there’s no... Continue Reading
GLAD celebrates 50 years!
We're celebrating GLAD's 50th year! Take a look at how GLAD® has helped us entertain family and... Continue Reading
5 ways to make your budget go further
Online shopping saves time for ... play time! Check out these ways to make your budget go further... Continue Reading

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