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Colic Calm NZ delivers premium natural digestive and immune supplements for babies and children. 

Our innovative products prioritize simplicity and provide gentle but fast-acting formulations for your loved ones.


Renowned worldwide, our brands include: 

  • Colic Calm Homeopathic Gripe-water alternative
  • Tummy Calm drops for Wind, Bloating & Hiccups
  • CalmCo Infant Probiotic drops (5 strains, 1.5 Billion guaranteed CFU*) enriched with vitamin D (400 IU)
  • CoraCue Multivitamin and Immune Support drops for babies and children.
  • Colic Calm Plus – High Strength formula for infants experiencing excessive gas


And there's more! We now offer beautifully curated Baby Shower Gift Boxes and a selection of Gift boxes suitable for the whole family.


Experience the Colic Calm NZ difference and shop our natural solutions today. You can find a variety of our products at select pharmacies nationwide, or conveniently order our full range online.



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Instagram : @coliccalm_nz

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