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10 things a nursery needs

Setting up a nursery from scratch can be daunting. Where to start? What do you really need? The following aren't all …

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7 important tasks that Daylight Saving reminds us to do

Daylight Saving is the traditional time to do a thorough safety check in your home, plus a few other things you may not have thought of, writes Christine Stride. The advent of Daylight Saving prompted us to come up with seven important household …

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Small spaces can still inspire big imaginations

Small spaces can still inspire big imaginations, writes Marianne Falconer. Current research shows that for children up to the age of seven, play-based learning is best. With this evidence at hand I had a solid argument for enlisting my builder …

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Great toy storage ideas for your home

Feeling suffocated by children's clutter? Rein in the chaos with some simple storage solutions. Every child needs a space to play; with forward planning it is possible to accommodate child-friendly activity areas while retaining your own grown-up …

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10 Steps to a family friendly home

Create a home with family at its heart - from the moment you walk in the door until the second you lie down your head. We all know that a home is so much more than  a roof over our heads, and once you become  a family you'll find that the way you …

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What does your home say about you?

Your home is an extension of you - but when you look at your home, what does it say? Michelle Denholm explains why what your home says about you is so important. Home is where the heart is, or so they say, but one thing I know for sure is that my …

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Post-holiday clutter detox

Children's favourite time of year would have to be Christmas (with birthdays coming in a very close second). That's because they are showered with an abundance of gifts and love and kisses, and who doesn't like that kind of attention? However, …

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Nine things to throw out today... starting in the kitchen

Kitchens are a great place to start for de-cluttering — and you'll feel SO much better by the end of it. Old containers: Be they old takeaway containers or “useful” pottles and jars, bring them all out from the back of cupboard and see how many …

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Surviving small scale living with kids

Raising a family in a small space can have its positives - really! It's a great opportunity to streamline your life and make smarter decisions about what you buy. And as a bonus, it's unlikely anyone will ask you to host Christmas dinner (winner, …


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