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12 silver linings to having a baby during lockdown

So, you’re about to give birth and the country is in lockdown – how different the situation is from nine months ago when you conceived! Well, every cloud has a silver lining, so if you’re feeling uncertain about how your birth will pan out in light …

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Speech development - How You Can Help

When your baby starts lisping his first words there's plenty you can do to get the language ball rolling, write speech therapists Camilla Peet and Christian Wright. As your child's communication skills develop you will see his personality start to …

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Giving birth during lockdown: how the rules have changed

Giving birth can be challenging enough as it is without the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to contend with! You probably have lots of questions about who can come with you to hospital, who can look after your older children while you’re there, and …

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I'm pregnant, how will COVID 19 affect me and my baby?

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has taken many by surprise, however enough cases have now occurred to provide some useful data on expected outcomes, including infections that have been observed in pregnant women. If you’re pregnant and wondering how …

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Homeschool parents share their awesome learning resources

Check out our list of awesome online resources to help entertain and teach the kids while you're all in lockdown! Listen to a story worldofdavidwalliams.com Popular children's author David Walliams releases a free 15-minute story online each …

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Covid-19 information for families

The coronavirus has had a global, national, local and family impact. So much of what will happen over the coming days, weeks and months is unknown. What we do know is that being informed helps us feel some form of control. Knowing what actions we …

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First few weeks guide

You've read everything you can get your hands on about pregnancy, but what really happens in those first few minutes, hours, days, and weeks after your baby's birth? Specialist obstetrician/gynaecologist Dr Anil Sharma reveals some of the things you …