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Advice for couples trying to conceive. Learn about fertility cycles, ovulation timing, and what else you can to do to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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Getting ready for pregnancy

Getting pregnant is something that most of us take for granted, but conceiving isn't always easy. However, there are things …

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Busting baby making myths

If your man is smoke-free, eats only organic food and wears baggy underpants will you have a better chance of conceiving? We asked fertility expert Dr Andrew Murray to bust some myths and deliver the facts. People once believed the world was flat. …

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10 best tips for babymaking

For many women and couples, the decision to start a family comes after a number of years of actively trying to prevent pregnancy. So it can come as a bit of a rude shock to learn that the human reproductive system is not all that efficient and that …

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Trying to conceive ... second time around

All pregnancies are different, and this is also the case when trying to conceive. Accessing expert advice and information is the very best thing you can do. Consultation We often see couples who after conceiving easily have concerns with their …

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What’s baby doing in the two-week wait?

If you’re trying to conceive, then you’ll know that time seems to stop in those two weeks since doing the deed to finding out whether it was a success. Say. Hello. To. The. Longest. Two. Weeks. Ever! Science suggests you have a 15-25% chance of …

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Moment of ovulation

Here, the moment of ovulation was accidentally witnessed during a robotic surgery. Previously, ovulation was thought to be a sudden pop but this actually took place over fifteen minutes. Pretty cool huh?! …

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Conception: timing it right

An ovarian cycle lasts around 28 days. For a baby to be conceived you must have sex around the time of ovulation -which lasts around several days. In a regular menstrual cycle this occurs about midway between periods. The most reliable signs of …

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Making baby making fun

We understand the basics of conception, but how much of the process is guesswork or a gamble? Fertility specialist Dr Richard Fisher offers some tips to enhance your chances of conception. Normally I write about trying to conceive for those who are …

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The impact of age on conception

It’s generally considered less than polite to ask a lady her age. But in the world of fertility, it will be the number one question you’re asked. That’s because female age is one infertility factor we can do little to combat. While Hollywood might …

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The best time for babymaking

When should we be having sex?One of the first steps couples take when trying to fall pregnant is working out when they’re most likely to conceive. In this article we’ll help you understand your cycle and discover your most fertile days. How to …

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Naturopathic tips for conceiving

Asti Renaut and Natasha Berman offer naturopathic tips for successful conceptions, smooth pregnancies and thriving babies. Want to make a baby? Want to make a healthy baby? Most people who answer “Yes” to the first question will of course answer …

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What she said: translating mum-talk

Excuse me, but what’s that acronym? Conception, pregnancy and parenting open up a whole new world of information, including a seemingly foreign language. Christine Stride translates. Mummy message boards have their own language, so you’ll need to …

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Useful Fertility Links

Here are some useful 'preconception' related links. fertilityassociates.co.nz The official website of Fertility Associates, one of New Zealand's premier authorities on fertility and infertility. Fertility Associates conduct both public and private …

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History of Pregnancy Testing

Be thankful for the modern wonder of the home pregnancy test, because as Sarah Tennant discovers, in days gone by confirmation of conception was far from convenient. For drama and suspense in real life or TV, you can’t go past a pregnancy test. …

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Fertility expert's most-frequently asked questions

Our fertility expert Dr Richard Fisher has been helping New Zealand parents for more than two decades. But many of the questions he's asked about fertility and treatment have changed surprisingly little  over that time. Here are some of his most …


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