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What to eat when you're pregnant

To give your baby the best and healthiest start in life, the diet must be balanced and nutritious. A healthy pregnancy diet will promote your baby's growth and development.

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Pregnancy power foods

Hannah Gentile flips the focus from what we shouldn’t be eating, to what we should. Feel free to consume these ten fabulous foods at your leisure. There were three things I noticed when I was pregnant. Firstly, people love telling you their …

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How to handle those pregnancy cravings

Nutritionist Hannah Gentile interprets your pregnancy pinings and offers advice to help you handle your hankerings. Remember back when Phoebe from  Friends was pregnant? The devoted vegetarian suddenly got a strong desire to eat meat (and this …

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What do pregnant chefs eat for breakfast?

Chef and mum-to-be Sachie Nomura shares five of her favourite, food-related pregnancy things with us: What’s your typical ‘pregnancy’ breakfast? Breakfast is very important meal of the day for me regardless whether I am pregnant or not (which I am …

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Safe eating for pregnancy

Dietary restrictions for pregnancy affect your whole day but lunch can be particularly challenging -especially with sushi, the deli counter, even leftovers, all off the menu. OHbaby! nutritionist Anna Hansen suggests ways to get safe and satisfying …

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Here's why folic acid is so vital in pregnancy

If you're pregnant or you’re trying to get pregnant, it's critical that you get enough folate. Naturally occurring folate is not as easily absorbed as the man-made version, folic acid, so it's best taken via folic acid supplements. “The best thing …

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Eat well: safe recipes for pregnancy

Safe summer salads for pregnancy Tomato, Rocket and Mushroom Omelette Baked Sweet Potato with Spinach and Mozzarella Garlic Chicken Stir-Fry Satay noodles with lime & spinach Oven-baked …

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Listeria - is it really that risky?

So, your LMC has advised you to avoid certain foods during pregnancy, to minimise the risk of contracting listeriosis (more on that later). However, your mother swears she ate whatever she wanted while she was pregnant, and YOU turned out okay. What …

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Can you eat salmon during pregnancy?

When it comes to what to eat, and what not to eat during pregnancy, there are a number of conflicting messages, particularly when it comes to seafood. Regal Salmon clarifies the do's and don'ts of eating salmon while pregnant. And...keep reading for …

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Eating out when pregnant - the do's & don'ts

The safest food is usually food you've prepared yourself, but the chances are you can't avoid eating out for the entire duration of your pregnancy, so how do you choose safe foods? Here are some simple tips: * No sushi! Sushi is a big no-no, not …

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Healthy eating for two

Food is a big deal when you’re pregnant. Suddenly there’s a raft of things you can’t eat and lists of foods you should be eating for the sake of your baby. OHbaby! nutritionist Anna Hansen offers eight tips for a nutritious pregnancy. 1. Keep it …

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A nutritionist's guide: what to eat during pregnancy

Are you confused about what you can and can't eat during pregnancy?  So are we! Nutritionist Leanne Cooper helps set us straight. Eating healthily during pregnancy  helps baby's growth, development  and well-being. Not only must  you eat well, but …

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Food safety during pregnancy

Your diet when you are pregnant is crucial to your baby's development. It is important to make sure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals to help your baby grow strong and healthy. As well, pregnancy can cause your immune system to …

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The benefits of fish oil

Fish is essential for your baby's brain when you're pregnant or breastfeeding so, anyone for salmon soufflé? It's no accident that fish is called "brain food". Fish, seafood and fish oil supplements are the main sources of omega 3 which converts …

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Your guide to safe eating during pregnancy

It can be difficult to remember which foods are safe to eat during pregnancy, and which foods are no-go zones, so we've prepared a simple guide for you to print and put on your fridge for quick, easy reference. Simply click on the image below to …

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Is tea safe to drink?

If you’re a new or expectant mum there’s never been a better time to sit back and enjoy a cuppa! Tea for twoWhen you’re pregnant or breastfeeding you’re effectively drinking for two. So it’s time to say goodbye to caffeine, or at the very least, to …


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