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Are you ready to start a family? Here are some important considerations in terms of what to do to prepare your body and lifestyle changes to consider. Prepare marriage for children.

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Preparing your relationship for parenthood

Dr Melanie Woodfield offers advice on the likely turbulence of new parenthood and how best to prepare for the relationship bumps so you can still enjoy the journey together. If you ask me, having a baby with someone is a bit like jumping on a …

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Health insurance

When baby arrives, your health suddenly seems a lot more important. When you're starting a family, it's quite natural to start thinking more about your health and wellbeing and how you'll keep your children healthy. So we asked New Zealand's largest …

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10 things that need to be done before baby arrives

There are many ways to practically prepare for a new baby. We asked Grace Nixon - a midwife, newborn consultant, nursery specialist and antenatal educator - for 10 tips on what needs to be done before baby arrives.   There are various providers of …

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Your first pregnancy: 10 things to do

So, you’re expecting! Congratulations! Feeling excited but slightly overwhelmed? Renee Murphy offers up some steps you can take to feel more prepared. Find out your due date If you know when you last menstrual period was, enter your details into …

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Creative ideas for budget babymoons

Being pregnant is a beautiful, precious time in a woman’s life, but because our bodies are in full-on nurturing mode, it's also a time of restriction. In other words, for nine long months we have to say say goodbye to sushi, bought …

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Buying for baby: what you'll really need

Congratulations, you're having a baby! It is an exciting time, with so much to do. Shopping for a baby can be bewildering for first-timers, so mum of two Nuree Greenhalgh shares her expertise on what to look for when buying the essentials. I am the …

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Insuring your family's future

When a new baby enters our lives, there are so many issues to consider. While no one wants to be overly pessimistic at this time, it's wise to ensure we're doing all we can to protect our family's future. Here's how insurance can help you with one …

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Cord blood banking: an insurance policy with a difference

Ellie Gwilliam spoke to the woman behind New Zealand’s only cord blood banking service to find out why she has made banking blood her life work. There’s a lot to think about when you’re pregnant. The fact that you have created – and are responsible …


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